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Movement from the ground up

Have you ever noticed, how our movement quality as a species has reduced ? Are you one of the 80% of the population that suffers from back pain? When was the last time you truly enjoed moving? In our society, we spend most of our time sitting or laying. Although ourtheoretical knowledge about the body rises daily, out actual ability to use it drops.


We can help you change that

We at Ground Force Method know: Movement is life! Before we grab weights oor swallow supplaments, we have to be able to move our body correcly, just like it was when we were kids. Imagine what it would be like to enjoy movement again. 

Ground Force Method is simply fun. It's a FUNdamental movement concept. Together, we train a variety of safe, fun and challenging exercises, to help you improve your movement and to prevent injuries.

How it works

We use principles from physical therapy, child development and sports science to help you improve your movement quality and to reduce and prevent injury. And it's lot's of fun too! Ground Force Method is suitable for ages 4-100 , whether you are a professional athlete or an absolute beginner We also offer instructor certification, group training and more.

Ground Force Method: Services



Learn the 10 Elements of GFM and why GFM is the best tool for you and your clients, to faster achieve your fitness goals.


Learn more ways to use your own body, your partner's body and various objects to build strength, coordination and balance. The course is for certified GFM Level 1 instructors only.


Are you a Kids' trainer or Phys.Ed. teacher? This course is perfect for you!

Learn different games and training methodologies, and how we at GFM perform our Kids training, to help your children and students get fitter and happier.

Ground Force Method: Courses
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